Weekly Bonus Ball and Monthly Prize Draws

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Weekly Bonus Ball

Why not grab a number (01 to 59) on the weekly bonus ball?

For £1 per week, you can secure your number forever or you can pick one of the left over numbers on a weekly basis. The prize money is £30 and the winning number is the Bonus Ball that is selected in the Saturday Lotto Draw.

Why not phone Paul Thompson, our Bar Manager, on 0191 584 1348 and select your number?

Monthly Prize Draw

Why not put your name in the Monthly Prize Draw which is drawn towards the end of each month?

Simply email Dave Carr at davecarr14@googlemail.com with your details and you’ll be included in the draw.

The prize money is : 1st - £100, 2nd - £25, 3rd - £10.


If you would like to pay by standing order, the Club's account details are:-

Account Name:      Philadelphia Cricket & Community Club

Sort Code:              05-09-37

Account Number:   51033719

All monies raised are invested into the Club’s Cricket Section.


All winners are notified by e-mail and displayed on the Club’s website.

Please see below for the 12 previous winners of each draw.

Weekly Bonus Ball Winners

Monthly Prize Draw Winners