Malcolm Pratt Lounge


Malcolm Pratt lounge

The Club has named the function room the "Malcolm Pratt Lounge" after the long-serving stalwart completed 60 years continuous service in several administrative roles.


It was on 21st November 1959 that he was elected Assistant Secretary and later he took over as Secretary. Currently, he is President, Chairman, Treasurer and Fixture Secretary.


"Cricket, and Phili in particular, has been a huge part of my life. I got my first job through cricket when the Club Chairman Fred Gill set me on in the NCB office where he worked."


"It was there that I met Billy Jones, who covered the cricket results for the local press and when he retired I took over, building up a business which looked after all the clubs from Berwick to North Yorkshire."


"And I've met many friends along the way", said Malcolm, when more than 100 attended a party held in the clubhouse when the Malcolm Pratt Lounge sign was unveiled."


"I am fit and have no intention of retiring, cricket and Phili are so important to me."